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CCTV Solutions

Whether you need a simple single camera solution or a complex IP CCTV installation we will provide a professional and reliable service, backed up by our own certification and assurance.

We have designed specific solutions to meet the needs of a broad range of satisfied customers including hotels; professional offices; property managers (car parks & and access to apartments); golf clubs; residential homes and more. We have the experience to help you.

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NEW Security Cameras for Abattoirs

  • HD IP Cameras installed
  • Onsite Storage for 90 days with Internet connection
  • Remote support
  • Simple installation service

All Abattoir CCTV installation has up until now has been voluntary, including a government lead installation program from 2011-2016. However, with the level of infractions still being made during animal slaughter, DEFRA (working within section 12 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, which allows the government to create and enforce new regulations that prevent unnecessary cruelty to animals) have made it mandatory that abattoir CCTV installation across the whole of the UK Installing CCTV in abattoirs prevents unscrupulous staff has shown to drop cases of cruelty purely by the deterrent of IP HD CCTV cameras placed in all operational areas. Your employees will know that they are potentially being monitored, but now also with the new directives in force, veterinarians are legally given access to a slaughterhouse recorded CCTV footage. Meaning that prosecution for such treatment is now much, much more likely if they are found to be purposely harming animals during the slaughter process.

Having an Campbell Elliot CCTV installation into your abattoir will have other direct benefits to you other than just compliance. Having all your abattoir monitored 24 hours by HD IP CCTV will serve to help and protect yours and your business's reputation in its care and quality of its animals. Being able to access your HD CCTV abattoir footage instantly via our myFacility system, means that if you are unfairly accused of any animal mistreatment (usually by disgruntled staff), or if there’s been a contamination of the product (maliciously or not) you can easily produce court admissible evidence that this is not the case. Also, it may or may not be surprising to read that cases of theft are on the rise at abattoirs and slaughterhouses all over the country. Installing CCTV Access control and intruder alarm systems will make it possible for you to protect your business from opportunist theft. Any Campbell Elliot Abattoir CCTV installation has the best in IP camera technology — recording images in full HD 24 hours a day, can come with IP Audio functionality (allowing talk back to advise staff on any misdemeanours). All cameras also have remote live view capabilities, meaning when you are not available, you can keep an eye on what's going on from wherever you are. Or you may wish Campbell Elliot, via our UK based secure remote control centre, provide 24-hour abattoir monitoring on your behalf, report any infractions direct to you — and call the police upon burglaries. All meaning any breaches in Health and Safety or Animal welfare do not go unnoticed or un recorded, and you can ensure the offending party can be dealt with accordingly, whether this means simple retraining, formal action, or even prosecution. We care greatly about security in the food production industry, helping our many clients demonstrate the highest standards of production, animal care and health and safety at work, why not let Campbell Elliot same protection and service.

Use Security Cameras in the home to protect your property and family:

  • Protect your home whilst you're away, giving you peace of mind
  • Look after your holiday home remotely
  • Resolve disputes, nuisance neighbours or disturbances by monitoring & providing evidence
  • Look after elderly or unwell relatives remotely, provide them reassurance
  • Check the baby is safe in its cot, from your mobile or computer
  • Keep a safe eye on kids playing in the garden
  • Keep an eye out for the health of your pets

Use Security Cameras in the Office:

  • Protect your office and contents whilst you're out, or out of hours
  • Protect multiple locations or premises at the same time, using one system
  • Keep an eye on staff attendance and time-keeping
  • Check health and safety requirements are being met and that claims are valid
  • Check the baby is safe in its cot, from your mobile or computer
  • Keep a safe eye on kids playing in the garden
  • Initiate a fast Police response to break-ins, successfully bring offenders to justice